Service: EMBA and MBA Pre-Enrollment course $ 400

This is a course for EMBA and MBA candidates and composed of two parts, which are text course.

  1. Math Practice and Solution (47 pages)
  2. Case study Preparation (included in one actual Harvard case study)

Both EMBA and MBA program are not required very high mathematical skills, but basic skills are necessary to keep up with the lecture, like finance and statics etc. This mathematical text is for non-specialists and the text is 47 pages in total. If you finish this text completely, you can understand those program much easier than without them.

Case study is one of the most popular teaching method at business school, and no business school without case study. Some people may have already known this method, but most of candidates are not familiar with it. In order to help those people, this text includes tips for preparation of case study and actual case study from Harvard case study (given permission to use it). After completing this text, you will be confident about case study.