Oxford Executive MBA 授業- module 2

  1. Analytics
  2. Leadership fundamentals


Analyticsの教授はmodule1に引き続きProf James Taylorが担当しており、範囲としてはディシジョンツリー、単回帰分析、重回帰分析、モンテカルロ分析について理論及びExcel 付随のAdd in機能やソフトウェアを使用しての実際の計算まで、ケーススタディや設問を使用しての講義。上記分野、軽くでも見たことのある人と、全くの初見の人で取り組み易さが大きく分かれてしまっていたようで、後者の方たちは相当苦戦をしていました。




一方、リーダーシップは引き続き、Sue Dopsonが担当。授業最終日に、moduleの復習したのでそのときのメモから抜粋を。

Week 1:

* There are many ways of looking at leadership – context is important
* Models: Leadership styles and trait theory (Daniel Goleman)

Week 2

1. Culture

* Dig deep about culture. As a concept, it is important to frame.
* Models:

o Two dimensions, Four Cultures (Goffee and Jones)
o Culture Web (Johnson)
o What needs to change; strengths and weaknesses? Mistake to not to take into account the context. We need to acknowledge if the culture serves the strategy and the change.

2. Change


o Approaches to change (Lewin and Kotter) with vision and crisis – cotter model – evaluate the change – what do they do well and not well.
o Three types of problems – critical, tame or wicked. What is the nature of the change challenge or did it require a more adaptive leadership?  What is the problem they are trying to change? Why did they resist change – motivation and emotion and the resistance reasons?
o Adaptive leadership – need to stand on the balcony and notice patterns before we put it into a context.

3. Power


o Luke’s three dimensions of power – What is power? It is about inquiring and being curious beyond what you can see. We have to look at the power of relationships but at how it shapes the reality.

o Fundamental principles of influence (Cialdini 2001). In particular, the law of reciprocity. What seems to be the sources of influence? What do we know about leader influence in a very generic way?

o Sources of power – what power did leader X have and how you would evaluate it. It is a critical appraisal.


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